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What is a Digital Business Coach?

What is a Digital Business Coach?


The best coaches help you realize your potential and then some. Ben is our digital transformation coach. His advice and mentorship has been priceless to me as I guide our global plant breeding and research organization through digital transformation. Ben cut through the messiness and equipped me with ideas and tools to develop clear strategic direction, organizational maturity, and most importantly the confidence to get the difficult job done. Not only is Ben exceptional at his craft but he is fun to work with and his passion for digital and community is inspiring.”

–Matthew Hoffman, Driscoll’s Global R&D


Over several decades, I’ve assisted and guided business leaders by creating a digital vision, helping them to define strategy, and execute. I advise and mentor leaders in companies both big and small. I provide direction, mapping out what you need to get you from point A to point B, and I do this quickly and efficiently.


Ben has remarkable clarity of thought around vision, strategy, and planning of new product development.​ His enthusiastic collaboration with our team helped us to discover what mattered most in our quest to build the best product platform for our customers.  His constant focus on tangible outcomes ensured that our most precocious resources are trained on the highest value objectives.”

— Rob Schoening, CEO Soluble.


If you’ve hit a dead end in your digital business efforts; if you’re looking for help cutting through the noise and getting your message out there; if you want results and you want them fast, I’m your guy.



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